The rainbows of life follow the storm.

Nature is more than a scientist; an engineer. It is an artist.  Designing beautiful, bold and striking masterpieces – the universe, the solar system, the oceans. Even in destruction there is beauty. A hurricane, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption. These are devastating occurrences that cause endless pain and suffering to those that are affected. On the other hand, these very calamities bring about a sense of excitement; a rush of adrenaline at the mere mention of them to those whose livelihoods depend on these very phenomenons occurring. An onlooker no doubt will have different emotions and experiences as compared to those directly affected. Yet these experiences exist, within the same time, due to the same cause and reason, and are so varied in nature they become incomparable.

Relationships are much like nature; scientific, engineered with a hint of an artistic flair. Beautiful and ugly. Calm and turbulent. Successful and ruining. Exhilarating and depressing. Enriching and destructive. Complete and lacking. All at the same time, viewed within the same time frame. Only from different angles.

How we live in a world of bias, misunderstandings, prejudice, mistrust and untruths! It leaves so little room for love, nurturing, care, trust and happiness to abide within people and the boundaries of their relationships with one another. Misunderstandings can rock a person’s world without the earth having to shake. Mistrust can cause a storm within people without the need for a hurricane. Lies erupt and cause havoc worse than a volcano, whose repercussions can be dealt with much more easily than the wounds caused by the untruths told.

As there is that calm after a storm too, an after-beauty to the havoc caused by nature; so it is in relationships as well. There is the calm after the turbulence. The serenity after the turmoil and the hope of new beginnings after an unseen end. These will always be there. The perspectives and different angles with with we view them will always be the same. But the truth is, each relationship is different. Within each is a story so unique, so intertwined that it becomes impossible to try and unfold the layers under which the essence of it lies. Each person has their own story to tell, add to that the element of understanding and familiarity that each is bound to contain, the relationship holds a story so deep, a history so rich and a bond so indescribable, it becomes impossible for an onlooker from the outside to be the judge of it, or of its fate or of the people involved in it. Very much like the experiences had by an onlooker and a direct victim of natural disaster, no matter how much the onlooker will try to relate to the relationship or try to understand it, he will invariably walk away with a much biased and different opinion than it actually should be.

Don’t be quick to judge! Don’t try and put yourselves in others’ shoes, it is impossible. Don’t try and rationalise and dissect others’ lives. There is too much chaos and uncertainty in our own lives to be poking noses in others’.  Fill the holes in your own stories; relationships. Make sure each story is worth unfolding. Nature teaches us time and again, life is too short to be anything but happy. A lesson we fail to grasp. Repeatedly.


4 responses to “The rainbows of life follow the storm.

  1. *smiles* Good to see you writing again! Even if I am slow to catch up (am on vacation at the moment!!) …

    Good observation and nice analogy. Definitely something worth thinking about. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Well I did post this over a month ago! Need to find inspiration! But thank you. Nice to know this post has a lingering effect of after-thought!

    Soo envious of hearing the word vacation! Hope it’s a good one! 🙂

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