But it’s no use going back to yesterday. I was a different person then.

What I would say to my 16-year old self, if I had the chance…

I would say nothing and everything I could. At times, I am a realist and seeing as the past cannot be changed, I would say ‘Keep doing what you’re doing kid, you’ll end up just fine.’  Probably the worst advice to tell a teenager!

Ask of me this when I am more idealist than realist, and I would tell myself a lot of things so that I end up making different choices and decisions, not necessarily good ones, but different so that different outcomes can be attained and different lessons learnt. I would tell myself to relax less and be a little less easy-going, and be more serious about studies and future plans. I would also tell myself to be less uptight and more calm. Which is weird because relaxing less and being calm don’t exactly go hand in hand. But then again, I am being an idealist here so I guess that’s allowed. I would also tell myself to stop feeling guilty and enjoy the feelings while they last, because they’re gone all too soon. I would also tell myself not to do things for fun, and do them because they mean something. Although doing things for fun can turn out to be meaningful, unintentionally. Be more passionate about ideas and causes, and don’t let anyone make you feel inferior.

And, being the reflector that I am at times, I would think about the advice I have just given my 16-year old self, and analyse why I said what I did say and how it would make any difference if I had in fact done what I have just advised myself to do. But then again, seeing as this is pure speculation and a conundrum for which there is no easy or right answer, I would be reminded of the quote from Alice in Wonderland, which is the title of this post.

And because there is no use going back to yesterday, I would not think about it any more and go and do things that I don’t want to regret not doing. But it is nice to just speculate and see how life would have panned out. Perhaps it makes the present sweeter, knowing you made all the right choices to lead you to where you are now and are glad that can’t be changed.

What would you tell your 16-year old self, and why?


6 responses to “But it’s no use going back to yesterday. I was a different person then.

  1. Perhaps one does not need to go back to yesterday to tell oneself such things.

    Many of the things I wish I’d known earlier are really things I want to know better now. So rather than tell my 16-yr-old-self half a lifetime ago … perhaps I should be telling my 31-yr-old-self TODAY… what it is, I think is so incredible important to take heed of 🙂

    Afterall, like your title says… yesterday I were a different person. Tomorrow I will be too. But right now, right here… today… I am me same me that has those thoughts and urges to reach back through time in order to create a better tomorrow. So right now, today, I am the person I need to be to hear those things…

    At least, that’s what I think…

    … I think…


    • Lol. Nice way of putting it. I suppose it’s something that is almost similar and just as different in all of us. So many things we would say, and then realise, it doesn’t matter. We will probably still end up right where we are. Right here, now, today. 🙂

  2. Ringo Starr’s “Your sixteen”

    You come on like a dream, peaches and cream,
    Lips like strawberry wine.
    You’re sixteen, you’re beautiful and you’re mine.

    You’re all ribbons and curls, ooh, what a girl,
    Eyes that sparkle and shine.
    You’re sixteen, you’re beautiful and you’re mine.

    My boyfriend back then use to play this for me. It would have been nice to believe it at the time. I was really slim and hot and thought I was fat ! ! ! So pleased teenage angst is no longer a part of my life.

    I like Scattered Rayns approach – the me right here right now – she sure does have eyes that sparkle and shine 🙂

    How about some future pacing ? What would the me five years from now say to me? hmmm perhaps a completely different post.

    • For the future, it is always best to frame yourself with this question, when faced with any situation or decision, ‘In five years, will this matter?’
      I find it helps to make more calm and deliberate decisions, and in that case, when those five years come to pass, you would not want to tell yourself anything five years ago as you’re life will have panned out (hopefully) with no regrets of lessons you wish you’d learnt earlier.

      Again, all just conjecture. For all we know, you or I would be sitting in a dingy prison cell somewhere, saying ‘I’d like to do that again!’ 😉

  3. I think about all the things I wish I had done differently, but I quickly realize that any change to my past will also change my present and maybe not for the better. I do wish there was a way to experience an alternate universe where I could make the different choices and see how it turns out without actually changing the things I love about my present, but that of course is pure fantasy.

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