Love is…

Love has been and meant a lot of things to me.

Love has been exhilarating.

Love has been blinding.

Love has been a lonely affair. Desperate at times.

Love has been unhealthy. It has also been obsessive. Unhealthily obsessive.

Love has been unkind. Love has been confusing.

Love has also been a journey of soul-searching and self-discovery.

Love has been broken and disconnected.

Love has been conditional and pretentious.

Love has been an addiction.

Love has been forced. Needy. Scary.

Love has been messy. Sordid and complicated.

Love has been guilty, unwarranted and jealous.

Love has been immature, dependent and an illusion.

Love has been both heart-breaking and heart healing.

Love has sometimes been generous, open and non-judgmental.

Love has also been sure, light-hearted and mature.

Love has been a great teacher.

I have a come a long way and now know that love is much more than all these things.

Love is pure, and kind and nourishing.

Love is compassion and all-consuming.

Love is unconditional and not dependent on attachment.

Love is undefined, unfiltered and uncomplicated.

Love is trusting, takes courage and is a rollercoaster ride.

Love takes time, and is built on respect.

Love is loyal and passionate and freeing.

Love is generous, patient and free from judgment.

Love is a choice. A deliberate choice.

Love is what we make of it.

I am learning we choose our loves. I sure hope we are choosing the right ones.


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