Winds of change


Lately I have been thinking alot about change. How we respond to it, are we ever even aware of it? How we either run from it or engineer it… how it happens and how we wish it had happened instead (most times).

Last couple of months has brought alot of changes. I am one who is averse to any change not willingly brought about by me. We had new additions to the family, lost a very old albeit dying friendship (in the worst way), made new connections, made and lost a potential love in a short span (maybe circumstances, maybe rose tinted glasses, who knows?) and travelled and learned alot about myself, including the fact that I like doing things alone. Prefer it actually. So much so that on a whim I booked myself onto a yoga retreat – all alone, not knowing anyone. Just that was liberating. What a change in attitude its been. If, even 6 months ago, you told me I would go solo I would have laughed in your face.

If 2017 had been such a whirlwind of a year I can only imagine what this year and rest of my life holds in store for me. I don’t think I am so afraid of change anymore. Cautious still, but learning to embrace it slowly. Make peace with it, find serenity in its chaos. Dance with its mood swings and revel in its outcomes – good or bad. They aren’t either, just we label them as such in order to justify our feelings towards them. They just are.

Lesson I am relearning – it is what it is.


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